15 Stamford is a vibrant voyage through the flavours of Asia in the heart of Singapore

In the heart of cosmopolitan Singapore, amidst the glittering city skyscrapers and the bustling streets, is a restaurant that distills the essence of Asia’s rich and diverse culinary traditions into an unforgettable evening full of flavour.

Nestled in a colonial-era building a few streets away from Raffles and Marina Bay, 15 Stamford at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel is a pan-Asian culinary playground curated by the distinguished two Michelin-starred ‘Demon Chef’, Alvin Leung.

From the fiery, piquant palate of Thai cuisine to the earthy, profound depths of Korean gastronomy, each dish on the extensive, meat and seafood-heavy menu impeccably captures the spirit and essence of its origin, which Chef Leung says is inspired from his “years of walking through Asia”.

This culinary voyage catapults diners from one flavour-intense locale to another, immersing them in a vibrant tapestry of tastes and textures unique to the gastronomic wonders of the continent.

Take the Konasu Eggplant, its robust flavours amplified by Saikyo Miso, allowing for a rich umami profile. The addition of Nanami Chilli Pepper lends an exhilarating kick, each fiery spark on the palate stoking anticipation for the next bite.

The Grilled Cauliflower breaks convention by being cocooned in an unexpectedly delightful Thai Hollandaise, transforming the humble vegetable into a superstar dish.

Similarly, the Stir-fried Broccolini, artfully glazed with a rich salted egg butter, dances on the tongue, its vibrant flavours tempered by the satisfying crunch of Nori Fish Skin.

But perhaps the star of the show is the 21-day Dry Aged USDA Prime Bone-In Angus Beef Striploin – every bite attesting to the meat’s impeccable quality and the chef’s precision in grilling techniques.

Delving further into the allure of 15 Stamford is its significant position within Singapore’s architectural heritage.

The building itself, a proud beacon of the city-state’s colonial past, juxtaposes beautifully with Chef Leung’s culinary innovation, creating an experience that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds.

Echoing the holistic ethos of the establishment is the restaurant’s meticulously curated bar, renowned for being home to one of Singapore’s largest collections of rum labels.

The array of cocktail classics on offer at the bar further reinforces the commitment to creating a comprehensive experience in all facets.

Undoubtedly, the pièce de résistance of 15 Stamford is the Tropical Sunday Champagne Brunch. Think live stations teeming with an assortment of modern Asian delicacies, grilled meats and seafood, complemented by fresh lobsters, seasonal oysters, and a decadent foie gras station.

As you delve in, the free-flow of organic, environmentally-friendly Telmont champagne adds an effervescent touch to the lavish Sunday affair.

But whatever the day of the week, dining here is a voyage through the vibrant gastronomic tapestry of the continent.

It is a journey that takes your taste buds on a whirlwind ride through a myriad of flavours – the fiery Thai chilies, the sweet-tangy Philippine adobos, the fragrant Singaporean laksa.

15 Stamford at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel is a beautifully woven symphony of Asia’s best, each note resonating with a culinary tradition, each chord echoing a cultural heritage.