Dubai’s best 24-hour shisha spots

Shisha pipe store

When you’re looking for a Dubai shisha café past midnight, it can sometimes be difficult to find a spot that’s still open. But hidden among the city’s backstreets are plenty of places where the pipes flow 24 hours a day – well into the early hours of the morning and beyond.

Whether you fancy a grape and mint at 2am, a fruit mix at 7am with breakfast or a double apple at 1pm, these 24-hour shisha spots in Dubai are open all night long.

Of course, if you fancy a drive across to the UAE capital, check out this list of 24-hour shisha places in Abu Dhabi.

Let us know your favourites – or if we’ve missed any top places out – by leaving a comment below or contacting us with your recommendations.

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1. Marbaiya Restaurant & Cafe, Dubai Marina

Marbaiya Restaurant & Cafe in Dubai Marina in Dubai

Right beside Grosvenor House Hotel at the edge of Dubai Marina Walk, 24-hour shisha is available at Dubai’s Marbaiya Restaurant & Cafe. This colourful spot is very popular with locals, and is busy throughout all hours of the night, so you won’t need to worry about feeling lonely. In addition to late-night shisha, a wide variety of international dishes and juices are served.

  • Where: Marina Walk, by Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina, Dubai
  • When: 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 04 451 6565

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2. Beyrock Restaurant and Café, Deira

Beyrock Restaurant and Café in Deira in Dubai

In addition to shisha being available 24 hours per day, the Beyrock Restaurant and Café in Deira has another (rather bizarre) claim to fame. The eatery recently launched a 101cm manakeesh with five different flavours – including zaatar, lahmein, akkawi cheese, labneh and muhammara. At least you know you won’t go hungry while smoking that shisha.

  • Where: Al Aman House Building, Deira, Dubai
  • When: 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 04 250 1710

3. Cello Restaurant and Cafe, Trade Centre

Cello Restaurant and Cafe in Trade Centre in Dubai

A favourite among the city’s shisha fans, Cello on Sheikh Zayed Road is open all night (and indeed 24 hours per day). The food menu offers many Lebanese favourites with a modern twist, ranging from hummus to muhammara and more. During the day, there’s often live music on stage, but there are still plenty of crowds well into the morning hours.

  • Where: Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, Dubai
  • When: 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 056 117 7790

4. Classikeyat Cafe, Oud Metha

Classikeyat Cafe in Oud Metha in Dubai

Shisha fans love the lemon mint flavour at Classikeyat, where pipes are served 24 hours a day. Tucked away in Oud Metha, it would be easy to miss this place – but if you’re looking for a place to smoke late-night shisha, be sure to add it to your list.

  • Where: Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai
  • When: 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 04 336 4264

5. Shisha Lounge Cafe, Jumeirah Beach Road

Shisha Lounge Cafe on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai

Another popular 24-hour shisha spot – this one can be found on Jumeirah Beach Road – Shisha Lounge Cafe frequently receives rave reviews from visitors. Particularly popular among the busy crowds of visitors are the café’s range of juices and smoothies, plus a food menu which mixes international favourites with a great range of late-night snacks.

  • Where: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai
  • When: 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 04 323 8423