Best Jeddah Corniche restaurants with stunning sea views

Nobu Jeddah outdoor terrace

Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is best known for its unique blend of history and modernism – its grand mosques and soaring skyscrapers, its bustling souks and sleek shopping malls.

Yet the city’s charm isn’t confined to the streets and city squares, instead spilling out onto its magnificent coastline – the Jeddah Corniche.

With more than 30 kilometers of beautifully landscaped waterfront, this is a destination that offers something for everyone.

It’s the restaurants lining the Corniche that truly steal the show, providing patrons with the ultimate dining experience – a symphony of sights, sounds, and tastes that make each meal a culinary adventure.

Whether you’re feasting on local Saudi cuisine, indulging in international gourmet dishes, or sampling delicacies from different regions of the Middle East, every restaurant offers a unique perspective of the Corniche’s beautiful seascapes.

The view is breathtaking, with the endless Red Sea stretching out to meet the horizon, the sky shifting colours from bright azure to dusky orange, the skyscrapers silhouetted against the setting sun – all while the Corniche itself transforms from a serene promenade to a vibrant, pulsating nighttime hotspot.

It’s time to dive in and explore the best restaurants with a view in Jeddah. Grab a table, order your meal, and soak in the stunning panorama that the Corniche has to offer.

1. Nobu Jeddah

Nobu Jeddah outdoor terrace with sea views

Nobu Jeddah’s luxurious outdoor terrace perfectly combines the renowned restaurant’s top-notch dining with unparalleled views of the Corniche. The circular dining area – near to the Mövenpick Jeddah Al Nawras resort – provides each guest with unobstructed sights of the Red Sea and the vibrant Jeddah skyline.

In the winter months, this is the place where culinary magic happens under the stars. Here, you’ll find iconic dishes such as the Black Cod with Miso served against the backdrop of the tranquil sea and the soft murmur of waves.

The Omakase menu, a chef’s special multi-course meal, becomes a sensory journey as you savor delicately crafted sushi, tantalizing tempura, and other Japanese fusion delights, all while soaking in the view.

The terrace’s over-the-sea position ensures an undisturbed view of the Corniche, becoming a stage for Jeddah’s day-to-night transformation as the sky shifts from a bright azure to a dusky orange.

2. Andalusia Restaurant

Andalusia Restaurant at Jeddah’s Park Hyatt expertly serves up a diverse array of flavours from Asian, Arabic, and Mediterranean cuisines, but it’s the splendid setting that takes dining here to another level.

Located near the waterfront, Andalusia promises an intimate culinary experience with the serene backdrop of Jeddah Corniche, with the restaurant’s terrace offering a prime location for soaking in the tranquil sea views.

Whether you’re beginning your day with a hearty breakfast overlooking the sun-dappled sea or ending it with a candle-lit dinner under the starry sky, Andalusia’s terrace is the perfect place to take in the views during all occasions.

Pair your meal with the breathtaking view of the Corniche, and you have an unmatched dining experience that goes beyond the food – a moment of relaxation and indulgence amidst the bustle of Jeddah.

3. Habsburg

Habsburg at the Rosewood in Al Shatie district stands out in Jeddah’s culinary scene for its impressive buffet spread, served throughout the day from breakfast to dinner. The open, welcoming atmosphere encourages guests to explore a bounty of dishes hailing from Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

You might begin your meal with the subtle flavors of a French cheese platter, shift to the aromatic spices of a Middle Eastern kebab, and then finish with the delicate simplicity of a Far Eastern sushi roll. It’s this variety and authenticity that truly sets the Habsburg dining experience apart.

But Habsburg’s appeal doesn’t end with the food. The restaurant’s location overlooking the Corniche and Red Sea adds a visual feast to your dining experience. The vast, unhindered views of the waterfront, available from any corner of the restaurant, serve as a serene backdrop to your culinary experience whatever time of day.

Whether you’re savouring breakfast as the morning sun illuminates the sea, enjoying lunch amidst the Corniche’s midday warmth, or immersing yourself in a dinner buffet as the sunset paints the sky, Habsburg offers an ever-changing yet consistently stunning view.

4. Aromi Restaurant

The Aromi Restaurant at Waldorf Astoria Jeddah offers Venetian-inspired Italian cuisine in Saudi Arabia with breathtaking views of the Jeddah waterfront. This fine dining restaurant is an institution in the area, beloved by locals and visitors alike, making it a must-visit destination on the Jeddah Corniche.

The authentic Italian menu, fine-tuned and perfected over 80 years, promises a tantalizing experience for your palate. From handcrafted pastas to decadent risottos and exquisite seafood dishes, every item on the menu is a testament to the flavours and culinary finesse of Italy.

The restaurant’s sweeping views of the Red Sea elevate the dining experience and encapsulate the charm of the Jeddah waterfront, making it an exceptional venue for special occasions or a sophisticated night out.

Aromi presents an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself in the high-quality Italian cuisine while soaking in the stunning seaside panorama.

5. Kaia

As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with brilliant hues, the city’s energy shifts, making Kaia at the Shangri-La Jeddah the place to be as night falls for spectacular views and top beats.

The restaurant’s menu, curated by Lima-born Chef Bruno Santa Cruz, navigates the culinary landscapes of the Pacific Rim, from Peru to Hawaii, and from Japan to Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea shores.

As you dine under the mesmerizing colors of the sunset and into the twinkling stars of the night, each dish perfectly complements the spectacular views and vibrant ambiance.

The heart of Kaia’s appeal lies not only in its picturesque views or delectable cuisine, but also in its mocktails crafted by a team of skilled mixologists. Each one is a tribute to the Pacific Rim, created with an intriguing blend of ingredients that captures the essence of the region.

Whether it’s a refreshing sip as the sun dips into the horizon, or a spirited toast to the starlit night, these delightful concoctions add an extra sparkle to your experience.