Bahrain’s best late-night shisha spots

Bahrain 24-hour shisha and late night hookah

Bahrain is full of brilliant shisha spots, ranging from high-end restaurants serving up pipes on the side to backstreet institutions where all you’ll find is pipes and pastries.

Luckily, like with Dubai’s 24-hour shisha spots, the Kingdom has places to go for hookah that are open (pretty much) all hours.

So whether it’s 1am, 2am or even 3am, check out this selection of the best late-night shisha cafés and lounges in Bahrain, order up a double apple with a side of lemon mint juice, slouch down into a comfy sofa and get ready to watch the world go by.

Of course, we’re always keen to hear new recommendations for great places to visit in Bahrain. If you own a place, or just went somewhere great that you think everyone else deserves to know about, click here to contact the Middle East Traveller team and we’ll do our very best to feature it in our next list.

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1. Shisha Café, Manama

Shisha Cafe Bahrain

This low-key shisha café is located right in the heart of Manama, not too far from the souq and Government Avenue. That means you can swing by for a relaxing hookah session after an afternoon shopping for bargains and souvenirs.

  • Where: Near Government Avenue, Manama, Bahrain
  • When: 8am-2am daily

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2. Gallery 21, Manama

Gallery 21 Bahrain

Gallery 21 combines art with a restaurant, café and outdoor terrace for shisha. It’s elegant and upmarket, so be sure to dress up in keeping with the smart theme.

  • Where: Building 21, Road 3801, Manama, Bahrain
  • When: Noon-2am daily
  • Contact: 01 771 1600

3. Hookah Garden Café, Manama

Hookah Garden Cafe Bahrain

With a sizeable outdoor area and a smaller space indoors, Hookah Garden Café is a great central spot in Manama for a late-night shisha session lasting well into the early hours of the morning. It’s open all the way through until 4am, then closes its doors for four hours and gets going again for the day at 8am.

  • Where: Road 2608, Manama, Bahrain
  • When: 8am-4am daily
  • Contact: 01 334 4447

4. Cafe Rouge, Manama

Cafe Rouge Bahrain

Bahrain’s Cafe Rouge serves classic French cuisine like croque monsieurs and mussels in retro Parisian surroundings 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The restaurant also offers visitors shisha at very reasonable prices in the heart of Manama.

  • Where: Villa 42, Road 2601, Manama, Bahrain
  • When: 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 01 700 1717

5. EXTROVERT Café and Restaurant, Manama

EXTROVERT Café and Restaurant Bahrain

This café has a huge amount of space outside and is open until 3am at the weekends, meaning it’s easy to find a spot for shisha. Aside from the hookah menu, there’s plenty of food and fresh juice to quench your appetite and your thirst, no matter the hour.

  • Where: Road 2601, Manama, Bahrain
  • When: 7am-2am Saturday-Wednesday, 7am-3am Thursday and Friday
  • Contact: 01 771 2248

6. Al Bindaira Cafe, Manama

Al Bindaira Cafe Bahrain

With a beautiful, lush garden of greenery nestled just behind the entrance archway, Al Bindaira in Manama offers relaxed and chill vibes for a shisha. Order a mint grape, sit back and take in the scenery into the early hours of the morning.

  • Where: Building 171, Road 2608, Block 326, Manama, Bahrain
  • When: 10.30am-midnight Saturday-Wednesday, 10.30am-1am Thursday and Friday
  • Contact: 01 774 4066

7. The Mist Lounge Coffee & Sheesha, Janabiyah

The Mist Lounge Coffee & Sheesha Bahrain

Upscale and elegant, The Mist Lounge Coffee & Sheesha in Janabiyah lifts the hookah experience to another level. Expect top-quality cuisine along with your pipe, and a wide selection of classic flavours from across the globe.

  • Where: Road 7901, Janabiyah, Bahrain
  • When: 3pm-1am Sunday-Wednesday, 3pm-2am Thursday, noon-2am Friday, noon-1am Saturday
  • Contact: 01 729 2929