Amanjiwo’s exquisite swimming pool is a sanctuary within a sanctuary in the heart of Central Java

Amanjiwo swimming pool

In the heart of Central Java, in a UNESCO-protected region resplendent with cultural richness and home to Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, lies Amanjiwo and its pool.

This ultra-luxury Indonesian resort – which focuses on careful minimalism in its decor and service – offers a refuge that stands apart from ordinary hotel experiences through a promise of soulful serenity.

A sanctuary within a sanctuary, the property’s 40-metre freshwater swimming pool is a space that redefines the essence of calm and thoughtful reflection.

Elegant suites with thatched roof pavilions pave the path through lush jungle surroundings to the pool area, which is gracefully tucked behind embracing walls ensuring privacy and peace.

Guests, present in the moment, can be found absorbed in books or gliding through the serene emerald-hued waters.

The only interruptions are the gentle sounds of nature – the occasional bird swooping down to grace the water’s surface.

From the adjacent terrace, there’s a soft clinking of cutlery from afternoon teas, breakfasts, and lunches served under an exquisite pillared pavilion.

Every corner of the space shows meticulous attention to detail, and a careful cultivation of cultural and natural elegance.

Native trees and curated topiaries frame the sky, while the call to prayer from a nearby mosque fills the air every few hours, hinting at the deep spiritual roots of the local culture.

Amanjiwo’s staff move almost invisibly, tending to guests’ needs with a quiet efficiency – an extra towel, a refill of iced water, the careful hanging of a swimmer’s clothes as they take a dip.

Beside this serene space is the Pool Club, a casual dining venue overlooking the infinity’s edge, emanating the delightful scents of Indonesian and international cuisines.

Here, culinary craftsmanship blends with the verdant hues of lush rice paddies and the distant silhouettes of banyan trees.

As day moves to night, the pool area undergoes a subtle – and magical – transformation.

Atmospheric lighting softly unveils the night’s beauty, with stars vividly sparkling as the surrounding landscapes subtly emerge.

The pool remains an inviting space open for guests 24 hours a day, ensuring a personal retreat within Java’s natural embrace is ever-present.

At Amanjiwo, and particularly the resort’s exquisite pool area, time seems to dissolve, making room for the soul to breathe and bask in luxurious simplicity.