London’s best Saudi Arabian restaurants: where to eat kabsa, harees and mutabbaq

Saudi Arabian traditional cuisine

In London’s fast-moving culinary scene, a distinctive culinary tradition is making its mark.

Amid the city’s most- celebrated restaurants and eateries, Saudi Arabian food is making it on to the menu – and adding an exciting dimension to the UK capital’s gastronomic tapestry.

Here you might find the scent of cardamom-infused Gahwa wafting through the air, the sight of gleaming golden Kabsa rice adorned with succulent lamb, or the taste of syrup-drenched Umm Ali.

Every Saudi restaurant in London is more than just a place to eat. Here, dining is an immersive journey that allows guests to experience the genuine hospitality and rich traditions of the Kingdom through regional cuisine.

From the fragrant Jareesh of Najd, a cracked wheat delicacy often paired with camel meat, to the coastal city Jeddah’s Sayadiyah, a saffron-spiced fish and rice dish, the fare is as varied as it is flavourful.

Then there’s the hearty Saleeg, a creamy, dill-laced rice dish reminiscent of risotto, popular in the Hejaz region. Each dish, meticulously prepared, preserves the essence of its regional roots.

Restaurants honour tradition, yet they aren’t afraid to evolve and innovate. You’ll find a familiar classic like Mutabbaq, a crispy, stuffed pastry, reimagined with gourmet fillings. Or perhaps you’ll even discover that the traditional Kleeja, a cardamom-spiced biscuit, paired unexpectedly yet harmoniously with English tea.

Read on to explore London’s best Saudi Arabian restaurants and experience an unforgettable culinary journey.

1. Hijazi Corner

Hijazi Corner London

Showcasing the best of Yemeni-Saudi cuisine, this restaurant caters to those pining for the taste of Saudi Arabia and introduces others to a delightful culinary world that has been largely elusive in the UK.

Established by a group of Jeddah-born friends who found themselves missing the comfort of home-cooked meals, Hijazi Corner echoes the genuine warmth of Saudi Arabian people.

From the staff’s welcoming smiles to the convivial atmosphere, the restaurant feels like an extension of the Kingdom’s legendary hospitality.

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2. Wrap Roll It

Wrap Roll It Queensway Market London

In London’s Queensway Market, the tantalizing aromas from Wrap Roll It beckon locals towards a unique Saudi-inspired fusion (the menu promises) of flavours.

With a menu that runs from breakfast through to lunch, including plenty of delicious desserts and fragrant coffee, this culinary gem offers a feast for the senses.

At Wrap Roll It, the humble wrap is elevated to an art form. One standout is the Lamb Kofta Frankie, an exquisite medley of aromatic spices and succulent lamb, wrapped in a fluffy, warm bread that melts in your mouth.

Each bite yields layers of robust flavours, balanced by the restaurant’s special sauce – a piquant, savoury delight that elevates the dish even further.

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