Among lush coconut groves and sun-drenched Sri Lankan sands, Amanwella’s yoga is the ultimate in relaxation

Amanwella beach yoga

Among lush coconut groves and vast swathes of sun-drenched golden sand, there are few better places in Sri Lanka – let alone Asia – for morning yoga than the shores of Amanwella.

At the resort – which is two hours’ drive from the capital Colombo in Tangalle – guests are treated to daily complimentary sessions overlooking the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean, well before the surfers who frequent the crystal clear waters have risen.

The yoga space itself is a short walk down the hill from the main resort building, which combines modernist lines and indigenous materials in décor inspired by the famed Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa.

Fringed by palm trees and expansive vistas of the sea, the calming journey leads to a monolithic black concrete platform which rises one foot above the sands.

Although all guests are welcome to join the yoga sessions, on some days you might be lucky enough to have it all for yourself – while on others, small groups create a convivial experience.

Under the shade of the palm groves, the moustachioed instructor walks through techniques suitable for all levels, whether you are a complete yoga beginner or more familiar with the moves.

His vinyasa techniques are steeped in ancient culture and tradition, delivered with the backing of years of expertise.

As the waves crash against the rugged rocks and the sun continues to rise, the awesome power of the sea is the ultimate soundtrack for a morning of rejuvenation.

Private sessions are available to arrange via the hotel’s butlers on guests’ sprawling villa terraces, as are meditations with a local monk and visits to local temples.

Or, for the ultimate in relaxation, opt for a foot massage on the beach while sipping champagne, with just the waves and rustling palm fronds for company.

At the end of each session, each yogi is presented with a coconut culled fresh from the palm trees for a refreshing sip.

After that, it’s back to the main resort to continue the relaxation journey.

Amanwella, Sri Lanka – suite, courtyard 3.tif

Here, every corner is designed to be a sanctuary of peace. You might find yourself lounging by the infinity pool, its water mirroring the vast, breathtaking ocean beyond, giving an illusion of endlessness.

Or perhaps taking a leisurely stroll through the manicured gardens, where the air is filled with the fragrance of exotic flowers and the melodious chirping of tropical birds.

Amanwella is a sanctum of serenity in Sri Lanka, where the ancient practice of yoga breathes in harmony with the rhythmic cadence of the Indian Ocean.

Here, beneath the palm groves, every asana is a whispered conversation with the ocean breeze, and every meditation a passage through the realms of inner tranquility.