Amiri Suite at Sheraton Mall of the Emirates in Dubai

Amiri Suite at Sheraton Mall of the Emirates in Dubai

Finding a hotel room with the perfect view of Dubai presents a bit of a conundrum. You might think checking into the Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab would do the trick, but there’s a catch – you can’t marvel at these iconic structures if you’re actually staying in them.

That’s where the Amiri Suite at Sheraton Mall of the Emirates comes into play. Fresh from a major facelift, the expansive space offers a vantage point that captures Dubai’s contrasting sides, while still maintaining direct access to one of the city’s biggest shopping centres with its own ski slope and waddle of penguins.

Gone are the tired 10-year-old interiors, replaced by a chic, modern aesthetic that sees dark parquet flooring set against mid-century furnishings, avant-garde lighting features that double as modern art and plush, abstract rugs that you can sink your toes into. Yet amid these refinements, it’s the age-old view that truly sets the Amiri Suite apart.

Perched above the bustling city, look out over the mall and take in the dense tableau of Al Barsha’s quaint, sun-drenched villas – a nostalgic nod to Dubai’s more humble beginnings. As dusk falls, watch Sheikh Zayed Road switch gears as its never-ending stream of traffic transforms into a dazzling runway of lights and ceaseless energy.

Then of course, there’s the iconic Burj Al Arab, soaring from the shoreline, its seven-star stature juxtaposed against a cerulean sea that seems to stretch to infinity. It’s a view that’s at the same time full of life and serenely calming, depending on where you fix your gaze – much like Dubai itself.

The suite is more an apartment than a conventional room, featuring a fully equipped kitchen complete with a sturdy Smeg fridge and thick marble countertops, plus a spacious, inviting lounge and an entrance hallway dotted with touches of greenery.

The bedroom offers a contrasting scene, overlooking the sandy-hued residential high-rises of Al Barsha and a chic plaza brimming with cafés, not to mention the convenience of a 24-hour gourmet supermarket that’s perfect for midnight cheese runs.

The Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience lives up to its promise. A foot-thick $1,500 mattress (available for purchase on the Marriott website) ensures an impeccable night’s slumber, boasting “comfortable motion control” and reinforced edges designed to prevent sagging – a claim we can, aptly, firmly attest to.

Topping things off are free soft drinks as well as access to the hotel’s lounge – if the allure of your surroundings ever wanes, the sprawling Mall of the Emirates is always just an elevator ride away. And while Al Barsha may not top the charts for trendiness, it’s a hugely underrated location, with both the Marina and Downton just a quick 10-minute taxi hop away.

Amidst a sea of glamorous beachfront resorts and glittering glass marvels, the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates might seem like a quiet contender. But step into the Amiri Suite, and you’ll discover a hidden gem where understated elegance steals the spotlight with a dash of panache, all while serving up unbeatable views and easy access to Dubai’s vibrant core.


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