Balinese tradition meets Italian chic at The Bulgari Spa’s ancient Javanese joglo house

Bulgari Resort Bali spa

Bulgari Resort Bali’s spa, a sanctuary perched precariously on the edge of a cliff, offers views so distractingly beautiful, they could easily be charged as an extra.

One look out over the ocean and you’re grappling with the idea that perhaps the vista alone could unknot those pesky shoulder tensions. But no, you’re here for the massage,

The Bulgari Spa itself is cradled within the ancient arms of an old Javanese joglo house, with its creaky teak bones and ornate carvings offering a delightful juxtaposition to the self-indulgent splendours within.

The treatment room itself is a study in tasteful luxury – a blend of Balinese tradition and Italian chic, where the air is thick with the promise of relaxation and the scent of exotic oils.

Your therapist sets to work. It’s a choreographed performance, blending deep massage techniques with an array of aromatic oils designed to rehydrate skin that’s seen more sun than it probably should have.

You’re quickly transported to a place where the combination of human touch and sheer cliff-top opulence makes you forget the small matter of the bill that awaits – a hefty premium over local prices.

Warm volcanic stones are placed on your chakras, which, depending on your spiritual leanings, are either the gateways to your soul or simply a delightful finale.

Emerging from the Bulgari Spa, you feel like a new person – lighter, brighter, and surprisingly supple.

As you saunter out, with the Indian Ocean as your backdrop, you can’t help but think that in the grand scheme of things, the higher hotel fee is a small price to pay for a slice of paradise.