Breaderie: Jeddah sandwich shop blends fresh ingredients and creative flavours

Breaderie Jeddah sandwich shop

In the fast-emerging Saudi Arabian culinary hotspot of Jeddah – home to homegrown brands and new concepts galore – Breaderie is taking the simple sandwich to another level.

From breakfast to the late hours, the grab-and-go counter – which has several locations across the city – offers an enticing selection of sandwiches, salads and bakes, all rounded off with a whole section featuring loaves and loaves of (you guessed it) fresh bread.

The carefully crafted menu at Breaderie brings fresh ingredients and creative flavours, whether through gourmet options like the Umami Oriental Tuna Sandwich or the Quinoa & Blueberry Salad, which combines a vibrant mix of textures and tastes.

But the fillings aren’t the only things worth chomping down on. The wide array of freshly baked baguettes on offer, from the crusty and classic French Baguette to the Wholemeal and Multigrain varieties, are an inviting sight for any bread-lover.

Breaderie Jeddah sandwich shop

Among all these choices, one intriguing option takes the spotlight – the Blueberry Goat Cheese Sandwich. It’s a bold, inventive pick that brings together creaminess, earthiness and a sweet tang in a creative yet delicious combination.

The foundation is a layer of warm goat cheese, dusted with flax seeds for an added textural element. Fresh, peppery rocket leaves follow, countering the richness of the cheese with a green crispness.

A beetroot mix introduces an earthy sweetness, pairing well with the goat cheese, while a handful of green apple slices bring a tart crunch that elevates the ensemble.

The finishing touch – a sprinkle of fresh blueberries – adds a burst of sweetness, a surprise that punctuates the flavour combination perfectly.

But Breaderie is not just about the food. Across all the chain’s branches, the ambiance is warm and inviting (not to mention those wonderful fresh bakery smells) while the staff are happy to make quick changes to menu combinations.

Blending simplicity and quality ingredients with creativity and unique flavour profiles, Breaderie is a must for a quick grab-and-go sandwich in Jeddah – and not just for the Blueberry Goat Cheese Sandwich. Get this one on your itinerary for your visit to Saudi Arabia.