Burj Al Arab opens dazzling gold-themed bar on the 27th floor

Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel has opened a brand-new gold-themed bar combining opulence with an ever-changing menu of the freshest flavours from across the globe.

Guests at Gilt are invited to enjoy the vibrant ambience, while a team of highly skilled bartenders create drinks with “complex simplicity”.

The chief mixologist, Thibault Mequignon, takes inspiration from Michelin-starred kitchens and promises to “push the boundaries” using high-end culinary techniques to infuse and extract flavours.

Mequignon said: “Research and development sessions are really important for me. It is during these sessions that we can develop our artistic expression in a unique and innovative way and seek to push the boundaries of what is expected of a drink.”

The menu at Gilt is something of a catalogue of hits, featuring every best-selling and signature drink that Thibault has created throughout his career.

Each one is an ode to a place Thibault has travelled, or a flavour combination that he loves, such as the signature Oseille combining sorrel, yopol (dehydrated yoghurt), lime and green cardamom.

Meanwhile, the mineral and floral notes of the Sakura were inspired by Thibault’s travels in Japan, with flavours such as cherry blossom, thanks to the Sakura tea, which is perfectly balanced with grapefruit zest.

The venue’s unique and iconic design glitters in a warm light and is dominated by a stunning gold bar, which is framed by a feature wall of white gold-threaded marble.

A splash of green and lush plants further elevate the scene, together with chic chairs that beckon guests to sit, relax and take in the unequalled views from the 27th Floor of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

On special nights and weekend evenings, live entertainment will be provided by Clic Beat, and every few months a legendary bartender will take over for one night only.

Gilt is open each night from 6pm-3am, and reservations are essential – call the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah on 04 432 3232 to book your table.