Can I enter Sharjah with a Dubai visa?

Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah at night

We’ve got some good news, and even more good news. Yes, you can enter Sharjah with a Dubai visa – there are no borders or internal barriers between the seven states of the United Arab Emirates.

That means you can land at Dubai Airport and take a short 20-minute drive up to Sharjah to explore a whole host of culture, art and beautiful skylines.

This is the same for travelling to Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah or any of the other seven states across the country. So now there’s no excuse – it’s time to get exploring.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How to travel from Dubai to Sharjah by car or taxi

You can quite easily and quickly drive from Dubai up to Sharjah and vice-versa. It takes approximately 20 minutes from the northern parts of Dubai to reach the centre of Sharjah.

A taxi from Dubai to Sharjah is priced very reasonably. The fare starts at AED20, according to a recent announcement from the Roads and Transport Authority.

From Downtown Dubai, the fare will be approximately AED50 one-way, while from Dubai Marina the journey will cost about AED100.

Dubai to Sharjah bus service

Frequent intercity bus services run between Dubai and Sharjah as of September 2020, according to the Roads and Transport Authority.

Here are the details of the daily bus services:

  • The E303 runs from Union Metro Station in Dubai and goes to Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah
  • The E307A goes from Abu Hail Metro Station in Dubai to Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah
  • The E315 starts at Etisalat Metro Station in Dubai and runs to Muwaileh Bus Station in Sharjah

According to Adel Sharkri, Director of Planning and Business Development at the Roads and Transport Authority, the routes are “vital for the integration of public transport networks between Dubai and Sharjah”.

He said: “These routes are transitional to riders returning to Sharjah starting their journey off three metro stations in Dubai.

“They will ease the mobility of commuters between the two Emirates, especially those living in Sharjah and working in Dubai.”

Dubai to Sharjah travel rules during COVID

It’s worth noting that during the COVID-19 pandemic, some rules were put in place restricting travel between emirates without taking PCR tests or demonstrating immunity status.

However, at the time of publishing, while the intercity bus service was suspended for a short time during the pandemic, travel between Sharjah and Dubai is perfectly possible. In fact, you don’t need a Dubai visa at all.

As always, in times of uncertainty, it’s worth double checking with your airline or travel operator for confirmation. The UAE federal government website is also frequently updated with the latest information on travel restrictions.

Is Sharjah a part of Dubai?

Sharjah often creates some confusion for visitors and new residents of the UAE. Sharjah is its own emirate, and not a part of Dubai.

Each of the seven states in the UAE has its own local government (although the federal government does rule country-wide on matters including defense, the Armed Forces, security and foreign affairs.