Taking a dip in Cyprus’ largest hotel pool complex at the City of Dreams Mediterranean

City of Dreams Mediterranean pool

Basking beneath the golden Cypriot sky, the newly launched City of Dreams Mediterranean in the island’s southern city of Limassol is already drawing a steady stream of admirers to its sun-soaked shores.

Central to this five-star hotel is the country’s largest aquatic complex – a collection of four unique pools, each designed to evoke the feeling of a Mediterranean village complete with stone arches, lattice woodworks and sculpted curves.

The centrepiece is undoubtedly the infinity pool, poised majestically on the horizon’s edge, offering guests unparalleled panoramic views of the resort’s lush surroundings.

A short stroll away, the complex showcases a beach-style pool encircled by sand and sunken loungers.

This features encapsulates the essence of a coastal escape while providing resort amenities, including the welcome comfort of beverages served right at your table.

Equally impressive is the designated children’s pool, an aquatic playground crafted to cater to the insatiable energy of younger visitors.

With an array of exciting water slides and playful fountains, this vibrant corner guarantees a wealth of family fun and laughter.

To keep the adrenaline flowing, the state-of-the-art Waverider invites daredevils to a playful duel with simulated waves, testing their balance and surfing skills.

While the complex brims with excitement and activity, serene spots offer an ideal refuge for those in search of tranquility.

The elegantly designed main swimming pool serves as a peaceful haven for unhurried swims, while the secluded jacuzzis, nestled like hidden jewels within the sprawling complex, provide the perfect sanctuary for unwinding.

The classically designed swimming pool provides a serene oasis for leisurely laps, while the sunken jacuzzis, hidden like precious gems within the expansive complex and offering the perfect retreat for relaxation.

For those desiring a more temperate water experience, the indoor heated pool, open at generous hours, accommodates early morning or late-night swimmers.

Beyond the water’s edge, the pool complex elegantly echoes the resort’s lush surroundings, providing sweeping views of nearby salt lakes and creating a captivating contrast of crystalline waters against nature’s vibrant hues.

Contrasting this, the grand 16-story resort, reflecting off the shimmering pool waters, imparts an aura of magnificence to the picturesque scene.

Yet, the true artistry of the complex lies not just in its scale but in its thoughtful design. Every guest is afforded their personal sanctuary amidst the expansive layout, with strategically scattered sun loungers and secluded cabanas offering a sense of individual space.

To further amplify the relaxation experience, guests are invited to indulge in soothing massages offered within an elegantly appointed cabana, which overlooks the pool, ensuring a luxurious retreat within this magnificent aquatic paradise.

As night falls, the pool complex transforms into an enchanting spectacle, with the mesmerising interplay of lights reflecting on the water and the surrounding palm trees creating an entrancing tableau beneath the starry sky.

The pool complex is not merely an amenity – it is a space where every moment embodies the resort’s pledge to extraordinary luxury.

Welcome to the City of Dreams Mediterranean – a destination redefining aquatic elegance on the breathtaking island of Cyprus.