Dubai beach clean-ups launched by JA The Resort under new partnership with Chloe Blue Diving Club

Dubai beach sand, sun and water with Burj Al Arab

Dubai’s stunning shores are set to get a makeover with a series of beach clean-ups hosted by JA The Resort under a new partnership with Chloe Blue Diving Club.

The collaboration – signed during the MAD (Make A Difference) week, which celebrated Environmental Day and Ocean Day – aims to tackle the issue of marine pollution by fostering environmental responsibility and promoting ocean conservation in the UAE.

Together, the organizations will work to raise awareness about the importance of ocean preservation among Dubai residents and visitors alike.

The joint initiative will encompass a range of yet-to-be-announced activities focused on education and engagement designed to contribute to a cleaner and safer ocean, including the Dubai beach clean-ups.

Chloe Blue Diving Club founder Chloe Griffin, a passionate advocate for marine life protection, said: “We are thrilled to team up with JA Resorts in our shared mission to create a cleaner and safer ocean for future generations.

“By combining our expertise and resources, we have the power to drive meaningful change and promote sustainable practices throughout the diving industry.”

Samuel Njoroge, the Cluster Quality Assurance Manager overseeing Sustainability at JA Resorts, highlighted the significance of the partnership, adding, “Through this partnership with Chloe Blue Diving Club, we will further enhance our commitment to environmental stewardship.

“Together, we will implement innovative strategies that promote sustainability within the resort and raise awareness among guests and the local community.”

Although details of the beach clean-ups have not yet been announced, we will bring you more details as soon as we have them. Stay tuned!