Farmstay Suite at 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central

Farmstay Suite at 25hours Hotel Dubai One Central

In a city that promises the world, 25hours delivers a universe.

With gleaming ultra-luxury properties across Dubai competing in an endless race of five-star opulence. this hotel stands out as an eclectic oasis in a desert of excess.

Stepping into 25hours’ lobby, just off One Central near the city’s World Trade Center, guests walk under the bold slogan ‘come as you are’ – serving not just as a greeting but as an ethos.

Here, there is no pretence, no airs – just genuine warmth. You are invited not just to stay, but to belong.

Your eyes will be instantly drawn upwards to the spectacular illustrated ceiling canvas, a work of art that cartoonishly intertwines Dubai’s rich heritage with subtle nods to the hotel’s history and its visionary founder Christoph Hoffman.

Down below, the lobby buzzes with life. Lined with books and punctuated by a giant rotating globe, it’s a melting pot of personalities.

Digital nomads typing fervently, expats sharing tales of their latest escapades, and locals enjoying conversations in Arabic, all while sipping on stellar coffee, courtesy of the hotel’s collaboration with the renowned Nightjar.

Yet, as inviting as the lobby is, the true magic of 25hours is experienced by journeying up to the guest rooms.

Stepping into the Farmstay Suite feels like opening a storybook. Every inch of its generous 50 sqm is a tribute to detail, design, and delight.

The old-fashioned typewriter on the desk whispers tales of yore and nudges you to script your own.

In the corner, a hammock gently sways, inviting guests to lose themselves in its comforting embrace, perhaps with one of the room’s cute postcards of the city in hand.

Plants sprinkle their green touch, subtly reminding guests of nature’s persistent presence even in this steel marvel of a city.

The open-space concept of the suite, especially within the bathroom, champions a fresh, breathable design, with generous sinks and an in-room bathtub ensuring that self-pampering is never compromised.

In an age where digital connectivity is paramount, the suite delivers on this front too, with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

Yet the digital offerings do not overshadow the analog, with a complimentary minibar, Bluetooth speakers, and a Canvasco bag ready for urban adventures.

For those looking to explore, 25hours has it covered. Schindelhauer bikes stand ready for an urban expedition, and when the day’s adventures end, a dive into The Extra Hour Spa or a moment of respite in the rooftop sauna..

Yet, what truly differentiates 25hours, more than its physical allure, is its soul. The team, from the ever-attentive concierges to the dedicated guest experience manager, embodies the spirit of hospitality.

25hours not only captures the city’s spirit but understands that luxury isn’t just about grandeur, but genuineness.

Here, you don’t just check-in – you immerse, losing yourself in a world that, while being in the heart of Dubai, offers a slice of the globe.


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