Four Seasons NEOM: Sindalah hotel to bring five-star resort luxury to the shores of the Red Sea

Four Seasons NEOM Sindalah

From a nine-hole golf course to the tranquil shores of the Red Sea, the new Four Seasons hotel is set to redefine five-star resort luxury on Sindalah Island.

Part of the NEOM megaproject, this soon-to-be jewel of Saudi Arabian hospitality will extend across an area of approximately 840,000 square meters, offering guests an exclusive escape nestled within breathtaking natural surroundings.

The resort plans to host 225 beautifully designed guest rooms and suites, each offering private terraces with serene beach views.

Additionally – for those looking to take their trip to the next level – the resort will feature 52 luxury villas, ranging from one to four bedrooms. The Presidential and Royal Villas will have private swimming pools, gyms, and even access to private yacht docks.

Yet Sindalah Island won’t merely be a home to the Four Seasons resort – it also boasts plans for a high-end marina and yacht club, and an array of diverse dining experiences.

Guests can look forward to sophisticated cultural events, grand sporting spectacles, and glamorous social celebrations throughout the year.

For the food fans among us, the Four Seasons resort will also feature four unique dining options alongside various lounges, with details yet to be revealed.

Wellness and rejuvenation haven’t been overlooked either, with the resort planning an expansive spa featuring various treatment rooms, relaxation lounges, a hammam, and a vitality pool.

For the more adventure-inclined, there will be an on-site fitness center, multiple indoor and outdoor pools, and a variety of water activities such as water skiing, kite surfing, windsurfing and more.

Meanwhile, a dive center on the premises will offer guests the opportunity to explore the Red Sea’s rich underwater ecosystem, known to be one of the world’s most coveted diving destinations.

Set amidst the stunning beauty of Sindalah Island combining cutting-edge technology with luxury hospitality, the upcoming Four Seasons resort promises to offer a unique blend of relaxation, exploration, and adventure.

We can’t wait to check in.