Grosvenor Casino Bayswater is a lush retreat offering global gastronomy in central London


One step inside Grosvenor Casino Bayswater, right next to the area’s London Underground station, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a lavish hideaway.

Vibrant pinks and golds dominate the restaurant space, setting a lively yet sophisticated tone, with the expansive dining area feeling like a well-curated garden in the heart of London.

Bright floral-themed tables, multicoloured chairs, and vibrant rugs beneath your feet add layers of character to the Instagram-friendly scene.

The architectural nuances – the gold-fringed lamps, lush greenery, and the lively bar area marked by its sleek surfaces and playful tilework – all contribute to a space that’s both whimsical and elegant.

A sense of grandeur emanates from the velvet couches and the soft glow from strategically placed lighting.

It’s clear that every corner has been designed to create a multisensory experience, encapsulating not just the visual, but the tactile and the gastronomic.

The continent-crossing menu with Arabic specials – on offer during the evening to supplement all-day casual dining served on the main floor – seems especially at home here amidst the lush interiors.

The restaurant’s manager is at its heart, enthusiastically championing each dish, with an infectious fondness for the mackerel. Just one taste confirms her conviction.

Starting with the appetisers, the artfully plated Chicken and Tarragon Scotch Egg is a clear stand-out.

Crispy on the outside, it reveals a delightful blend of the meat and herbs, elevated further by the roasted beetroot puree and brioche.

The Celeriac Salad – a vegetarian option – offers a crunch with glazed walnuts, freshness with apple, and an unexpected sweetness from sun-blushed grapes.

For lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine, the hummus and falafel shine – which is perhaps unsurprising given that the head chef is Lebanese.

The hummus is velvety and aromatic, perfectly complemented by the chargrilled pitta. The falafel, crisp and flavourful, finds a smooth partner in the tahini sauce.

As predicted by the restaurant manager, the Torched Mackerel is a star serve – rich and flavourful, perfectly offset by the earthy crushed Jersey Royals, tangy pickled beetroot, and a crunch from tempura cauliflower.

For those looking for a heartier meal, the steaks are a must-try, especially the robust 16oz Dukesmore T-Bone.

Meanwhile, if you’re craving a variety, the huge Arabic Mixed Grill offers a tantalizing array of meats, pickles, and sauces.

End on a sweet note with the Raspberry Parfait. The richness of white chocolate crémeux paired with the tangy passionfruit jam is a delightful contrast.

And as you sit back with a complimentary coffee, taking in the playful and eclectic surroundings, it’s clear that dining at the Grosvenor Casino Bayswater is an immersive experience – one that seamlessly blends food, art, and ambience.


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