Grosvenor Casino The Barracuda offers elegance and exclusivity with a warm welcome every time


In the genteel surroundings of London’s Marylebone, a stone’s throw from Portman Square, is the entrance to The Barracuda.

To the undiscerning eye, it could be yet another of London’s private members’ clubs.

A façade subtly lit by twinkling topiary and steeped in a palette of opulent golds and rich blues unveils itself.

Venture inside and you’re led down a stairway, a gracious invitation into a world of refinement and sophisticated indulgence.

Open 24 hours a day and easily reached from either Marble Arch or Baker Street’s London Underground stations, The Barracuda ensures that glamour and excitement are always on the cards.

But what sets the venue apart is the dedication to exceptional service.

As General Manager Jerry Lewis puts it, The Barracuda is more relaxed than most venues, with many team members having worked there for years – creating a genuine familiarity.

Upon walking in, regular guests are immediately recognised, making them feel truly special and welcomed.

Karim El Teir, the casino’s Customer Relations Manager, encapsulates this familial atmosphere.

From remembering a guest’s name to celebrating their birthdays, it is evident that The Barracuda prides itself on its intimate relationship with its clientele.

“Imagine you are coming in once or twice a year, and after months, we remember your name and things about you,” he says.

Karim’s dedication is palpable, with customers frequently reaching out to him due to the close relationships he has cultivated.

From arranging hotel accommodations, flights, or even serving as a translator, Karim embodies the essence of what The Barracuda stands for – going above and beyond.

The casino itself offers a plethora of gaming options, while the Club Room adds a touch of exclusivity for customers looking for privacy.

The à la carte offerings are the pièce de résistance of The Barracuda’s lavish setup.

After descending the stairs from Baker Street, guests arrive in the elegant restaurant space and are immediately greeted by aromas from the kitchen, showcasing a commitment to a world-class dining experience.

The Barracuda serves a diverse, continent-crossing menu taking in Asia, the Arab world, and high-end Western cuisine, each dish crafted to provide a genuine taste of its origin.

The Tom Yum Soup immediately draws diners into the depth of Asian flavours, with its spicy and sour flavour profile hinting at the exotic landscapes of Thailand.

It’s a dish that promises both warmth and zest, welcoming guests into the culinary experience that awaits.

The mezze, including tabbouleh, lamb kibbeh, and spinach fatayer, are a nod to the rich and varied gastronomy of the Arab world, with each bite showcasing a balance of texture and flavour.

The spinach fatayer is a pleasant surprise of crisp and soft, while the lamb kibbeh carrying the robustness of well-seasoned meat.

A more Western but equally captivating choice is the Beetroot Tart with goat’s cheese adorned with roasted hazelnuts, clementine, and balsamic – a delicious blend of sweet, tangy, and creamy.

Moving on to the mains, the Seared Gilt-Head Bream Fillet is complemented by the smokiness of almonds and the lightness of couscous and fennel, ensuring a balanced and refined dish.

The Whole Steamed Seabass with ginger and spring onion is another homage to Asian culinary artistry, the delicate steam preserving the rich natural taste of the seabass, while the ginger and spring onion add aromatic undertones.

In these exceptional offerings, there’s a story — not merely of ingredients, but of places and culinary traditions.

Events like The Barracuda’s Arabian Nights, where the atmosphere pulses with live Middle Eastern musicians and dance performances, further enhance the experience.

It’s no surprise that these nights see regular customers dancing away and new patrons eager to join.

Many London casinos boast exclusivity, but few deliver it with the warmth and dedication of The Barracuda.

Beyond the gaming tables and the decadence of dishes, there’s a genuine commitment to personalised service.

With Jerry at the helm and Karim’s ever-present care, guests aren’t just customers – they’re family.

In a city teeming with options, The Barracuda stands out not just as a place to play or dine, but as a home from home where you will be warmly welcomed on every visit.

For more details, contact the customer service manager at The Barracuda on 020 7935 5013.


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