Grosvenor Casino The Victoria: a beacon of experience in London’s casino skyline where gaming meets gourmet


Situated just round the corner from London’s Edgware Road, The Grosvenor Casino Victoria, affectionately known to regulars as ‘The Vic’, isn’t just a casino — it’s an iconic venue.

For more than five decades, this landmark has stood as a beacon of entertainment, tracing its rich history from its inception in the swinging 60s to its evolution into a modern gaming and dining haven.

Stepping through its storied doors, visitors discover that The Vic seamlessly blends mass-market appeal with touches of exclusivity.

But the venue isn’t resting on its laurels. Currently undergoing a facelift, early glimpses of The Vic’s transformation suggest that it is set to become an even grander jewel in Grosvenor’s crown as the group further enhances the premium experience for guests.

The indoor lounge, already refurbished, exudes an elegance that feels both timeless and current.

Muted tones, plush seating, and ambient lighting create a relaxed atmosphere, while the attentive and amiable team members add warmth to the inviting setting.

Outdoors at The Loft – The Vic’s luxurious outdoor area – guests can inhale high-quality shisha while enjoying live sports on state-of-the-art screens alongside London’s city lights.

Beyond the roulette wheels and poker tables, The Vic offers a culinary experience that could easily be the star attraction of the night.

The chicken shawarma transports diners straight to the Levant with complex flavours in a blend of seven spices.

The vibrant dish reveals layers of depth and intensity with each bite, the meat enveloped in soft, warm flatbread – while the garlic and chilli sauces add contrasting kicks of zest and heat.

And, although only a side dish, the seasoned fries are not to be missed — a crispy, salty indulgence complementing the richness of the shawarma.

For those seeking a smaller yet equally tantalising option, the Spiced Sticky Beef Skewers steal the show.

Encrusted within a luscious coconut and shallot crumb, each dip into the hot and sour sauce soaks the beef in a succulent mix of spicy, tangy goodness.

Plant-based eaters aren’t an afterthought here either, with Quorn chicken wings, a nod to the ever-growing vegetarian and vegan clientele.

They come bathed in a tangy Buffalo sauce that doesn’t compromise on flavor or texture, each wing offering a satisfying bite and proving that plant-based can stand shoulder to shoulder with traditional offerings.

End your evening on a sweet note with the Pecan Pie, served with a dollop of Crème Fraîche.

The dessert strikes a flawless balance between nutty, creamy, sweet and tart, with the sticky filling contrasting beautifully with the flaky crust.

Wash down these sumptuous dishes with choices from a meticulously curated drinks menu, whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail, a vintage wine, or a simple mocktail prepared with precision and flair.

Among the classics, the Martini is shaken or stirred to perfection, echoing the finesse seen throughout The Vic.

But for those looking to step outside the box, the signature house mixes offer refreshing twists on beloved concoctions.

The Grosvenor Casino Victoria, with its rich blend of history, modern interiors, gaming, and culinary excellence, isn’t just a casino.

It’s a place where past meets present, where gamblers meet gourmands, and where everyone, from the seasoned Londoner to the curious tourist, can find something to experience.

For more details, contact the customer service manager at The Victoria on 020 7262 7777.


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