Hijazi Corner: Saudi Arabian restaurant serves Khaleeji cuisine on London’s Edgware Road

Hijazi Corner London

Known for its Lebanese eateries and shisha lounges, London’s Edgware Road hides many treasures within its energetic hubbub. Restaurants offering dishes from all corners of the Arab world – from the Gulf to the Levant, and as far as North Africa – dot the landscape.

Yet, until the advent of Hijazi Corner, a piece of Middle East food culture was noticeably absent.

Showcasing the best of Yemeni-Saudi cuisine, this restaurant caters to those pining for the taste of Saudi Arabia and introduces others to a delightful culinary world that has been largely elusive in the UK.

Established by a group of Jeddah-born friends who found themselves missing the comfort of home-cooked meals, Hijazi Corner echoes the genuine warmth of Saudi Arabian people.

From the staff’s welcoming smiles to the convivial atmosphere, this eatery – one of few Saudi Arabian restaurants in London – feels like an extension of the Kingdom’s legendary hospitality.

Now, let’s delve into the star attractions of the menu: Masoob, Muttabak, and Mandi.

Masoob, a traditional Yemeni breakfast dish, is an intriguing mix of ground chapati, bananas, cream, and honey, further topped with more cream, cheese, nuts, and even cornflakes.

While it may sound unusual, the dish is a delightful blend of flavours and textures, a comforting breakfast that kickstarts the day on a delicious note.

In Hijazi Corner, the Masoob, served bubbling hot, is a theatrical treat for both the eyes and the palate, rivalling the best versions from Saudi Arabia.

Muttabak, another key highlight, is akin to a filled paratha. The restaurant offers various fillings from vegetarian and chicken to meat and cheese, even serving sweet versions.

The final showstopper, Mandi, is possibly Saudi Arabia’s most popular meat and rice dish. Originating from Yemen, this dish features uniquely spiced and cooked rice that makes it stand out.

While the restaurant currently offers a succulent lamb version, a Madhbi variant featuring chargrilled chicken atop Mandi rice is slated to grace the menu soon.

In addition to these standout dishes, Hijazi Corner also offers other classic breakfast dishes, along with an assortment of delicious meat and chicken options for lunch and dinner.

This restaurant promises an authentic dining experience, a pleasant deviation from the typical Lebanese fare, but with an equally mouthwatering appeal.

Visitors looking for an authentic Saudi-Yemeni dining experience in London should undoubtedly pay a visit to Hijazi Corner.

Not only will it treat you to a delightful culinary journey but it might also rekindle fond memories of Saudi Arabia for those who’ve lived there.