Hutong Dubai’s Thursday night brunch takes mid-week partying to the next level

Hutong Dubai Dark Brunch

DIFC Chinese restaurant Hutong is elevating Dubai’s mid-week party scene with its newly launched Dark Brunch—a lavish Thursday night fusion of gourmet Chinese cuisine, high-energy beats, and spellbinding performances, all immersed in luxury and mystique.

The interiors, a tapestry of dark, moody elegance built around a huge tree in the centre of the space, unfold a dramatic spectacle – with the intensity and allure growing as the night blossoms.

Entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed with a selection of delicate dim sum including the black pepper beef bao and the refined Hutong prawn rolls, ushering them into a multi-sensory extravaganza.

The beef bao is intensely flavourful, with black pepper providing a bold, spicy kick that harmonises well with the succulent, savoury meat.

The prawn rolls offer a balanced contrast, with refined, subtle sweetness enveloped in a crisp, golden wrapper.

Other hits include the duck bao with hoisin sauce – a true Chinese culinary classic in a refined presentation – and the artfully plated roast chicken medallions.

Indeed, every dish on the carefully curated menu is a highlight, from the spiced octopus – a textural masterpiece – to the sweet seared scallops, which are lavished in rich black truffle sauce, adding a luxurious, umami depth.

The evening is elevated with live table-side performances, including mesmerising fire dancers and energetic bongo drummers, which amplify the vibrant atmosphere and elevate the dining experience to a spectacle of sight and sound.

Following an array of exceptional starters that seemingly never ends, guests can choose from a variety of mains, such as the succulent braised Japanese wagyu beef and the aromatic rosemary-smoked Chilean sea bass.

The wagyu is tender and rich, melting in the mouth with profound, beefy savoriness, while the sea bass, imbued with aromatic rosemary smoke, is a flaky, moist delight with a refined, herbaceous undertone.

The world-renowned roasted Peking duck adds an extra dimension to the brunch experience, its crispy skin and tender meat creating a harmonious symphony of textures and flavours, making it a must-try indulgence.

The gastronomic journey concludes with a visually stunning dessert platter served in a haze of dry ice smoke.

The desserts and fruits, tinged with nuanced Japanese flavours, offer a diverse palette of sweetness and subtlety, concluding the meal on a harmoniously sweet note.

The textures vary from creamy to crisp, and the flavours are well-balanced, marking a delightful end to the culinary adventure.

A selection of Hutong’s signature cocktails, plus house beverages and soft drinks, are also available during the night brunch, each as compelling as the cuisine.

Guests can start their evening sipping on the refreshing Floret Fizz, a bubbly concoction of vermouth infused with rose buds, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and sparkling wine, hinting at floral and citrusy notes, accentuated by the subtle kick of bitters.

For those who prefer a bit of heat, the Spicy Rita is a fiery delight, with Altos Blanco Tequila infused with chili mingling with tropical flavours of mango and passion fruit, balanced by lime juice and lemongrass syrup. It’s a vibrant dance of spicy and sweet, sure to awaken the senses.

While the culinary creations and cocktails are the pulsating heart of the Dark Brunch, the ambiance is its soul.

It’s high-energy, it’s vivacious, and it’s a captivating blend of culinary brilliance and atmospheric magic.

We won’t reveal all the surprises in store, but you can expect to be entertained throughout the night, ending with a spectacular finale at the end of the evening.

Hutong’s Dark Brunch crafts a Thursday night extravaganza for those seeking to kickstart their weekend early.

Combining gourmet Chinese cuisine, meticulously mixed cocktails, and dynamic live entertainment in a setting steeped in luxury, this is a true celebration of mid-week indulgence.