Kabn Company is a luxurious off-grid retreat on the shores of Scotland’s Loch Fyne

Kabn Company Loch Fyne cabin

When you first arrive at Kabn Company, on the shores of Scotland’s dramatic and spectacular Loch Fyne in Argyll and Bute, you might briefly wonder how to fill the time.

There’s no TV, the nearest town is a 15-minute drive away and mobile signal can be patchy.

But before doubt can truly settle, what seemed like shortcomings soon transform into blessings.

The raw, pristine allure of the country’s west coast envelops you, with the utter remoteness of the cabin becoming a sanctuary for rediscovery and rejuvenation.

Within moments, the Kabn will have you living the country dream – stoking fires (wood is provided), grinding beans for fresh organic coffee, and letting the sweeping views of the loch just steps away transport you to a new level of tranquility.

The world fades away as the sprawling 12,000-acre Ardkinglas Estate opens its arms.

On the first morning, wake up early and step into the cool Scottish air as it entices you out for a walk.

Mist clings to the loch, and as you tread softly, each step on the dew-laden grass feels like nature’s own pedicure.

Birds serenade the dawn, and the world seems freshly painted. The water, calm yet teeming with life, whispers tales of old.

On these walks, it’s not just about stretching your legs; it’s about stretching your soul.

As midday approaches, try your hand at the barbecue.

As the aroma of grilled fare wafts through, the complimentary organic herbs, spices, and oils invite you to elevate even the simplest dishes.

As you dine outdoors just metres from the loch’s edge, the sun plays peekaboo through the trees, its rays creating shimmering patterns on the water’s surface.

Come evening, the sky is painted in hues of oranges, pinks, and purples. As the loch reflects the twilight spectacle, pour yourself a glass of fine Scotch whisky, its smoky notes bringing warmth as the cold night sets in.

As you attempt to stoke the fire, the logs at first seem unyielding, and the initial flames appear hesitant.

But with the Kabn’s handy guide and a bit of persistence, the wood starts to crackle, the flames grow stronger, and soon enough, a roaring fire pushes back the evening’s chill.

Nights at the Kabn are magical. The spaces, while epitomizing luxury, remain humble, allowing nature to take centre stage.

With floor-to-ceiling glass, guests are enveloped in an immersive theatre of stars, their twinkling seemingly within arm’s reach, as the vegan down duvet wraps around you like a gentle embrace.

Braver visitors may opt for a wild swim where the water, though biting at first, invigorates every pore – or perhaps indulge in some morning yoga, with the surrounding mountains as your audience.

There’s an unmatched joy in sipping the Kabn’s organic coffee post-session, the world feeling anew.

Every little detail at Kabn Company is steeped in thoughtfulness.

From the organic coir, lambswool & recycled denim mattress ensuring you rest soundly, to the charred larch cladding of the cabins, nature and luxury are intertwined exquisitely.

And with each stay, the promise of a tree planted is Kabn’s ode to the environment, a pledge of love and responsibility.

A short stroll away, another adventure beckons at the Wild Kabn Kitchen on the estate.

Within a characterful greenhouse, Chef William Hamer collaborates with Kabn Company to orchestrate a wild cooking experience that is truly Scottish – an exploration of the intricate dance between food, fire, and nature.

As you dine, each bite tells a tale of organic, sustainable practices, with every plate curated by Chef Hamer painting the rich flavours of Scotland in an unforgettable culinary masterpiece.

When you do venture out – whether to Wild Kabn Kitchen or the quaint nearby town of Inveraray with its tearooms and gift shops – every return to the Kabn feels like coming home.

Not far from your own luxurious cocoon, another cabin sits subtly, blending effortlessly with the surroundings.

While each of the two cabins sports a distinct architectural layout – one with a Japanese-inspired glass slatted gable, the other boasting a panoramic glass corner – the essence of what they offer remains constant.

Breathtaking, uninterrupted views of Loch Fyne, wrapped in an envelope of tranquillity and seclusion.

Both equally captivating, they promise a near-identical serenade of nature and luxury.

Refreshing in its transparency, the Kabn Company’s website features a section labelled ‘home truths’.

This section candidly lists considerations for potential visitors, from chilly nights to advice on keeping Scotland’s notorious ticks at bay.

If you have any more questions during your stay, Amber and her husband Charlie – who founded the cabins – are just a quick WhatsApp away, replying with concierge-like speed and warmth for any query guests may have.

Yet, as with most concerns, they diminish to mere footnotes once you’re ensconced in the vast majesty of the estate.

The gentle lapping of Loch Fyne, the aroma of the wood-burning stove, and the sheer scale of the natural beauty around quickly overshadow any trifling apprehensions.

As the evening winds down and your mastery over the fireplace becomes second nature, a sense of deep contentment washes over you.

In the heart of Scotland’s west coast, far from the mundane, you’ve found a slice of utopia.

The spellbinding beauty of Kabn Company isn’t just in its luxurious amenities or stunning design.

it’s in the moments of serenity, the connection to nature, and the rejuvenating escape it offers from the relentless pace of the modern world.

Whether you’re here for a short break or a longer getaway, one thing’s certain – leaving behind the magic of Loch Fyne and Kabn Company is bound to tug at your heartstrings.

Until, inevitably, the call of its shores beckons you back once more.


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