Phuket’s La Sirena serves up Italian classics with a Thai twist on the shores of Phang Nga Bay

At La Sirena – the signature day-to-night restaurant of Phuket’s COMO Point Yamu hotelItaly’s age-old culinary traditions meet the sweet, salty, spicy flavours of Thailand as classic dishes are served with subtle local twists.

The day kicks off early at the poolside restaurant with a health-focused buffet spread featuring a wide selection of dishes cooked to order, ranging from ultra-healthy to guilty pleasures.

Juice extracts and energiser blends are served up from the bar alongside carved tropical fruits, smoothie bowls and local classics including khao tom – a thick rice breakfast soup – and noodles in broth with spring onion.

Adding to the buffet selection, guests can choose from a dozen a la carte favourites to be whipped up by chefs in the kitchen including the light and airy Lemon Scented Pancakes, carrying a hint of citrus and offering a refreshing start to the day.

For those seeking more of a guilty pleasure, the Thai-Style Bacon and Eggs fuses the flavours of East and West, pairing the breakfast staple with sweet corn and a dash of chilli jam.

The result is a bold, flavourful dish that encapsulates the essence of Thai cuisine while remaining reassuringly familiar.

As the day goes on, La Sirena transitions into a relaxed poolside lunch spot, with the scent of wood-fired pizzas wafting through the air, beckoning diners to take a break from the glorious views of Phang Nga Bay.

Come evening, the ambience subtly transforms to offer a refined dining experience illuminated by the setting sun.

Start off with the Bruschetta Tomato, a timeless Italian appetiser, with the freshness of the tomatoes punctuated by the aromatic mix of garlic and red onion, brought together by a drizzle of olive oil.

Another highlight is Pumpkin Risotto, which is both comforting and unexpectedly sophisticated as the earthy tones of pumpkin meet the tangy richness of goat cheese, set against the soft, creamy texture of perfectly cooked risotto.

Of course, the quintessential Italian dinner experience wouldn’t be complete without dessert.

The unique Chocolate Tiramisu is the ideal finale, offsetting the intensity of Guanaja dark chocolate with the warm sweetness of honey dark rum, all culminating in the creamy embrace of latte ice cream.

If you’ve ever wondered what an Italian chef might whip up if they woke up in a Thai island paradise, then La Sirena at COMO Point Yamu is your answer.

From the first refreshing flavours of the morning to the elegant indulgence of the evening, it’s a whirlwind tour of Bel Paese with a splash of Siam sunshine.

Arrive with an appetite – and don’t forget to save room for dessert.