MIYA Dubai brings traditional Greek cuisine with a modern twist to Bluewaters Island

MIYA Dubai

Launching its latest season, MIYA is bringing the flavours of Greece to Dubai against a backdrop of stunning views over Bluewaters Island.

The restaurant offers traditional dishes infused with a modern twist, ranging from hummus topped with pine nuts, tarragon, and pomegranate to taramasalata topped with bottarga and a raw selection with favourites like tuna crudo and sea bream carpaccio with chervil.

Main dishes on the menu include manouria seared Greek cheese crowned with torched grapes, and drizzled with truffle honey, or tender octopuserved on a bed of creamy hummus, topped with salsa verde and crispy chickpeas.

To round off the meal, MIYA offers an array of desserts from milhoja, a Greek take on mille-feuille and a refreshing Orange Citrus Pie served with granita.

The main restaurant space is designed in a modern Greek style, with a neutral colour palette, accentuated by blue, white, and copper pops.

Natural textures, such as reclaimed wood accents, herringbone tile, and rattan furniture, evoke the essence of the Mediterranean.

The venue also features an intimate upstairs terrace with stunning views, providing the perfect backdrop for a meal.

The beverage menu features a wide range of classic cocktails and unique concoctions such as the Sandalwood Milkpunch, which undergoes a two-day production process fusing sandalwood, mango, and a hint of honey.

For fans of the Mediterranean, the Mastiha Mai Tai awaits – combining Mastiha, apricot, orange liqueur, and lime, served over rocks for a refreshing experience.