Enjoy a picnic breakfast on the banks of Central Java’s Progo River at Amanjiwo

River Progo picnic breakfast at Amanjiwo in Central Java in Indonesia

Luxury travel is all about personalised and unique experiences. Picture 10 opulent beachfront resorts within the same stretch, all with the same views.

What distinguishes one from the rest are the subtle gestures – a bartender recalling your favourite cocktail, staff acknowledging your repeated visits with genuine warmth, or the surprise of a personal turndown gift.

Aman resorts elevates this bespoke approach with knack for crafting unique encounters for guests that are typically beyond the reach of the ordinary traveler.

From private moonlit dinners on secluded beaches to bespoke cultural immersions, the ultra-premium hotel brand curates experiences for guests at its diverse collection of properties that span from the serene coasts of Thailand to the rugged beauty of the Utah desert.

At the heart of Central Java – a short flight from Bali or the Indonesian capital of Jakarta – lies Amanjiwo, in the shadows of the UNESCO-listed Borobudur Temple and surrounded by lush vegetation.

Here, guests are invited to greet the dawn along the nearby Progo River – an experience emblematic of Aman’s promise to not just visit, but to connect deeply with the soul of a place.

Following a brief journey in the comfort of the hotel’s car and a leisurely stroll through a small forest, a secluded picnic enclave appears amidst a break in the trees.

Awaiting guests is a breakfast that combines traditional Indonesian fare with Western culinary classics, with an array of freshly squeezed juices and morning baked goods.

Presented in an elegant picnic hamper, the assortment invites guests to indulge in a sumptuous selection that spans from the iconic nasi goreng to the refined flavours of bagels with capers, cream cheese, and lox.

The presentation is impressive, with plush cushions and an inviting low footstool chair thoughtfully positioned to provide an unobstructed view of the tranquil river.

As the gentle currents murmur past, visitors are afforded the luxury of unwinding in the invigorating air, or perhaps capturing the stunning panorama with the thoughtfully provided painting set.

Beneath the idyllic surface of the river, local life unfolds, with residents engaging in traditional fishing and washing their clothes in the stream.

Best of all, there is no rush. Your personal driver and butler wait discreetly among the foliage, ready to replenish your cup with coffee or to take you back to the haven that is Amanjiwo.

On the way out, we encounter a local woman whose warm smile radiates a welcome to Borobudur.

Given that most of the hotel’s staff are from the surrounding areas, and many have been with the property since it first opened in 1997, the hospitality encountered here is naturally heartfelt and genuine.

While staying at Amanjiwo, a breakfast picnic alongside the meandering waters of the River Progo is a unique cultural experience not to be missed – and one that stands as a testament to the region’s enchanting spirit.