Ultra-luxury Saudi yacht trips revealed by ROAM taking in the splendour of Jeddah, Abha and the Red Sea

With the hot summer months well underway, Saudi Arabian destination management company ROAM has revealed a series of ultra-luxury staycations taking in some of the Kingdom’s most stunning spots in cooler climes.

Guests are invited to board a private yacht and learn about the vital importance of preserving marine biodiversity before enjoying a customized dinner atop the majestic Soudah mountain in Abha.

Parents can meanwhile nurture their children’s artistic skills through engaging workshops with local craftsmen in Jeddah’s marvellous old town, Al Balad – with no need for international travel.

ROAM has designed its Summer in Saudi packages to revolve around activities in cooler climates, ensuring that guests can explore local treasures while avoiding the warmer temperatures.

Here are the full details of ROAM’s itineraries this summer:

The Red Sea

Board a private yacht and enjoy gourmet meals onboard while taking in the stunning views and a mesmerising city backdrop. This trip brings guests up close and personal with the Red Sea, where they can discover more than 300 species of marine life and shipwrecks, from graceful mantas and gentle turtles to vibrant schools of fish and majestic dolphins. A private underwater photographer will be on board upon request to capture your favourite family moments.  If you want to get the adrenaline pumping, board a semi-submersible watercraft that mimics the movements of dolphins, leaping out of the water and dipping below the surface, riding through the calm waters of Durrah at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Jeddah – Al Balad

Embark on a historical adventure to unearth the secrets of the oldest neighbourhood in the city, revealing what life was like in Jeddah before modern times – all while escaping the summer heat with the cool in the city and shade of the mountains. Children can embrace their artistic side with a visit Jeddah’s old town Al Balad, where ROAM provide a private visit to a craftsmen studio, where you and your family can enjoy a day painting and learning about Islamic wood design.


Bring your family to a true hidden gem in Saudi Arabia – the mountainous city of Taif. The itinerary includes visits to local farms and lessons on the secrets of producing local ingredients  For more active guests, accompanying your children on their first hike or climb and allow them to experience the Kingdom like never before. Then after dusk, take in the stunning and uninterrupted sky with an unforgettable private stargazing experience in a remote location.


Abha is known to be one of Saudi’s coolest cities, making it the ultimate destination for summer holidays. Families can enjoy a private climbing experience in Tanomah, a city just under 2 hours drive from Abha by car, followed by private dining in Soudah Mountain.  Then, develop your cultural knowledge of the south of Saudi by experiencing the traditional art of the Al-Qatt Al-Asiri with a local woman. An optional private visit to a museum can be included.