Terrace Suite at Almanac Barcelona in Spain

Terrace Suite at Almanac Barcelona

Barcelona loves a rooftop, with bars across the city boasting views over everything from the enigmatic alleyways of the Gothic Quarter to the array of architectural wonders punctuating the skyline.

Yet accessing these sought-after Spanish spots means navigating reservations (como esta tu español?), dressing to impress, and, more often than not, making a substantial dip into your savings for prices as high as the spires of the Sagrada Familia.

The clever move for those in the know is claiming your own exclusive slice of the sky – and Almanac Barcelona’s Terrace Suite is the place to be.

The five-star hotel’s sprawling wraparound balconies are adorned with plush sunbeds, chic dining setups and fire pits ready to ignite the night with the spark of a lighter carried by a paraffin-wielding butler.

Each wood-clad terrace provides a unique perspective, whether it’s a commanding panorama of the city’s skyline or a charming view over the colourful rooftops of Eixample – with every one guaranteeing complete privacy.

And, of course, if the idea of pouring your own drink seems a tad mundane, room service is but a phone call away.

Inside, plush blue-grey carpets and cosy rugs lay the groundwork for a living room and bedroom that revel in the sun’s flirtatious winks through the grand terrace doors.

Wall-mounted touch screens stand ready to change the suite’s ambiance at the press of a button, and in a feat that almost makes the tech seem poetic, the curtains open theatrically as you enter to reveal Barcelona’s sun-soaked skyline.

The decor in the suite doesn’t clamour for attention – it exudes a composed elegance, with a careful scattering of gold accents in the spacious, marble-adorned bathroom serving as a genteel nod to the hotel’s refined, boutique heritage.

The amenities too hold their own, with robust toothbrushes and honest-to-goodness wooden shaving razors that hark back to an era of genuine quality.

If you’re entertaining guests, the suite thoughtfully provides a separate bathroom adjacent to the living area, ensuring your soirée doesn’t require an impromptu expedition through the bedroom.

As for the bed, it’s a sanctuary, a plush haven with a mattress that boldly vies for the title of Barcelona’s most heavenly sleep. And how many rooftop bars can boast that?