The Park Tower is a beacon of opulence and luxury in London’s Mayfair


In the heart of Mayfair, The Park Tower is a gleaming testament to luxury – a stone’s throw from iconic London landmarks like Harrods and the Lanesborough.

The casino’s very essence radiates exclusivity, with the plush 24-hour main floor exuding a clubby feel and the long-serving team members remembering customers for many years after their last visit.

Yet, for those seeking an even more intimate experience, perched above the space is the casino’s prized balcony restaurant.

The décor is nothing short of decadent, with chandeliers illuminating the low ceiling, lending a cosy, close-knit atmosphere.

Under the stewardship of Nikki, the General Manager, the restaurant has evolved, pivoting from traditional British cuisine to a more global blend of flavours.

The change wasn’t just a matter of preference – it was a conscious effort to resonate with the guests, especially those from the Arab world.

“We’ve updated our menu and increased our section of Middle Eastern options – adding some new dishes to the mix,” she added, pointing out the Arabic Mixed Grill, combining marinated lamb kofta and chicken shish tawook.

Another crowd favourite is the Marinated Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers, which absorbs the fragrant herbs and spices of the grill giving a moreishly smoky taste.

Underneath, a generous helping of lemon and coriander couscous ripples like golden sand and provides a light contrast to the gently charred vegetables.

The English Cheese platter, though seemingly humble, serves as a map of the British countryside, ranging in texture from crumbly to velvety, with flavour profiles from sharp to mellow.

Paired with artisanal crackers and chutney, the palate is taken on a tour across pastures, through dairies, and into the heart of age-old British traditions.

The mixed grill – recommended by Nikki – meanwhile captures the soul of the Middle East.

The lamb kofta, having been marinated overnight, holds the secrets of age–old spice routes, while the chicken shish tawook, succulent and tender, sings a song of fragrant saffron fields.

From the sandwich menu, a must-order is the Coronation Chicken, with its tender chunks of meat swathed in spiced mayonnaise, or the Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream and Chive, carrying a hint of the rugged Scottish coastline.

Finish off dinner with mini doughnuts dipped into salted caramel or vanilla custard, offering a comforting end to the evening.

However, as Nikki points out, The Park Tower is more than just about the food.

It is about the overall experience, from the moment a guest walks in until the moment they leave.

“The whole environment, including our longstanding team, will recognise people that come through the door.” This recognition, this sense of making guests feel seen and valued, is at the heart of Nikki’s management philosophy.

Indeed, for many of the patrons, it’s these very relationships that bring them back to The Park Tower time and again.

Nikki fondly recalls: “We recently had a customer of ours and I hadn’t seen him for a very long time. Then we realised we’d known each other for 15 years across different places and venues.”

This deep-rooted bond is an example of what sets The Park Tower apart – the attentive, tailored service particularly significant for higher-end clientele, who value recognition and feeling like family.

Beyond the cuisine, the casino and its team go to great lengths to ensure the overall experience is unparalleled.

“We have good relationships with a lot of hotels in the area. We can liaise with them on their behalf, arrange hotels, upgrades, cars to pick them up at the airport, and more,” she says.

Having been with the company since 2000, Nikki’s journey has seen her traverse various Grosvenor locations.

Yet it is the The Park Tower that she speaks of most fondly – the close relationships, the crafted experiences, and most importantly, a genuine understanding of the clientele.

From the intimate gaming floors to high-end cuisine, every detail, big or small, is meticulously curated to make every visit memorable.

For more details, contact the customer service manager at The Park Tower on 020 7235 6161.

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