Wrap Roll It: Saudi cuisine inspires delicious dishes at London’s Queensway Market

Wrap Roll It Queensway Market London

In London’s Queensway Market, the tantalizing aromas from Wrap Roll It beckon locals towards a unique Saudi-inspired fusion (the menu promises) of flavours.

With a menu that runs from breakfast through to lunch, including plenty of delicious desserts and fragrant coffee, this culinary gem offers a feast for the senses.

At Wrap Roll It, the humble wrap is elevated to an art form. One standout is the Lamb Kofta Frankie, an exquisite medley of aromatic spices and succulent lamb, wrapped in a fluffy, warm bread that melts in your mouth.

Each bite yields layers of robust flavours, balanced by the restaurant’s special sauce – a piquant, savoury delight that elevates the dish even further.

For vegetarians, the Paneer Roll is a must order. Chunks of creamy, spiced paneer are tucked into a soft bread, providing a burst of flavours.

The paneer, marinated in a blend of traditional spices, is mouthwateringly good, with the soft cheese’s creaminess contrasting beautifully against the kick of the spices.

Not to be overshadowed by the main dishes, the sides and desserts at Wrap Roll it – which labels itself as one of the few Saudi Arabian restaurants in London – hold their own. TheaAvocado salad is a refreshing accompaniment to any meal, tossed with crisp vegetables and a light, tangy dressing.

For dessert, the Rasmalai, a classic South Asian sweet dish, is a true delight. Soft, milky spheres steeped in a rich, creamy sauce offer a gentle sweetness, rounding off the meal on a decadent note.

To wash down these delightful dishes, Wrap Roll It boasts a wide selection of beverage. The Karak (Masala Tea) is a comforting blend of strong tea, milk, and aromatic spices. It’s the kind of drink that warms you up from the inside, the perfect accompaniment to the restaurant’s array of dishes.

Whether you’re in the mood for a substantial Frankie, a satisfying veg roll, or a sweet treat, this Saudi Arabian-inspired eatery at Queensway Market is well worth a visit.