Ernst Biergarten in Dubai showcases classic German cooking straight out of Bavaria

Ernst Biergarten Dubai German restaurant

In the grand theatre of European cuisine, Germany often finds itself in the shadows of the spotlight.

Italy beguiles with comforting pizza and pasta, while France seduces with delicate pastries and rich, luxurious sauces. Spain dances onto the palate with tapas and paella.

German cuisine, on the other hand, might only bring to mind hefty schnitzels and bratwursts.

Yet beneath these hearty staples lies a culinary landscape as diverse as the Black Forest itself – and Ernst Biergarten in Dubai’s eclectic 25hours Hotel is the perfect place to dive in.

Walking into Ernst transports you to a rustic Wirtshaus at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, with a warm camaraderie and infectious energy from patrons perched on long benches sampling some of the dozens of beers on offer.

The expansive restaurant is decked out in red and white tablecloths, wooden furniture and classic German alehouse decor, offset by huge floor-to-ceiling windows flooding in light from the outdoor terrace.

On the culinary side, from a menu featuring dozens of classic dishes from the Bavarian region, the evening begins with the Flammkuchen Räucherlachs, a soft flatbread elegantly layered with smoked salmon, sour cream, and onion.

Each bite brings a smoky richness and subtle tang, contrasting textures from the softness of the bread to the silkiness of the salmon.

For those seeking comfort and warmth, the potato soup Kartoffelsuppe im Brot, served in a sourdough bread bowl and finished with sour cream and chives, is a hearty embrace of a dish that will leave you full for hours.

From the main courses, the Wiener Schnitzel stands tall – a classic, yes, but presented with finesse.

This breaded veal escalope, paired with a refreshing potato-cucumber salad and accompaniments like cranberry sauce, anchovy, and capers, encapsulates the essence of Bavarian tradition on a plate.

If you’ve still got room for dessert (and who doesn’t?) order the Kaiserschmarrn. A classic among Bavarian sweets, these shredded pancakes sprinkled with raisins and a dash of berry compote and apple sauce are a sweet rendition of tradition.

At Ernst Biergarten, get ready for a journey through Bavarian villages, alpine meadows, and warm, welcoming kitchens.

Raise a glass and say prost to an unforgettable ride through the delicious diversity of Deutschland, right in the heart of Dubai.