London’s five best Grosvenor Casinos from Mayfair to Edgware Road


In the heart of London, Grosvenor Casinos are redefining the traditional gaming experience, offering an eclectic fusion of entertainment, international cuisine, and a uniquely elegant atmosphere in each of their locations.

From the elegant streets of Mayfair to the vibrant buzz of Edgware Road, these venues are destinations of luxury and leisure.

Each Grosvenor Casino in London presents its own distinctive charm and character, promising a variety of experiences for both those looking to game and casual visitors.

Whether it’s opulent interiors and exclusive events at The Barracuda, the lush, garden-like ambiance of the Grosvenor Casino Bayswater, or the intimate setting of The Park Tower in Mayfair, each venue offers a unique blend of gaming, gastronomy, and ambience.

Here are the five best Grosvenor Casinos to visit in London, offering something for everyone.

The Barracuda: elegance and exclusivity with a warm welcome every time

In the genteel surroundings of London’s Marylebone, a stone’s throw from Portman Square, is the entrance to The Barracuda, subtly lit by twinkling topiary and steeped in a palette of opulent golds and rich blues.

Venture inside and you’re led down a stairway, a gracious invitation into a world of refinement and sophisticated indulgence.

Open 24 hours a day and easily reached from either Marble Arch or Baker Street’s London Underground stations, The Barracuda ensures that glamour and excitement are always on the cards.

The casino itself offers a plethora of gaming options, while the Club Room adds a touch of exclusivity for customers looking for privacy.

The Barracuda serves a diverse, continent-crossing menu taking in Asia, the Arab world, and high-end Western cuisine, each dish crafted to provide a genuine taste of its origin.

Events like The Barracuda’s Arabian Nights, where the atmosphere pulses with live Middle Eastern musicians and dance performances, further enhance the experience.

It’s no surprise that these nights see regular customers dancing away and new patrons eager to join.

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Grosvenor Casino Bayswater: a lush retreat offering global gastronomy

One step inside Grosvenor Casino Bayswater, right next to the area’s London Underground station, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a lavish tropical hideaway.

Vibrant pinks and golds dominate the restaurant space, setting a lively yet sophisticated tone, with the expansive dining area feeling like a well-curated garden in the heart of London.

Bright floral-themed tables, multicoloured chairs, and vibrant rugs beneath your feet add layers of character to the Instagram-friendly scene.

The architectural nuances – the gold-fringed lamps, colourful wallpaper, lush greenery, and the lively bar area marked by its sleek surfaces and playful tilework – all contribute to a space that’s both whimsical and elegant.

A sense of grandeur emanates from the velvet couches and the soft glow from strategically placed lighting.

It’s clear that every corner has been designed to create a multisensory experience, encapsulating not just the visual, but the tactile and the gastronomic.

The menu with Arabic specials – on offer during the evening to supplement all-day casual dining served on the main floor – seems especially at home here amidst the lush interiors.

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Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road: a hidden treasure of luxury and sophistication

Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road

Tucked away from the urban hustle and bustle, yet still close to the city action, Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road stands as a luxurious enclave in one of London’s most popular districts – especially among Middle Eastern visitors.

Both the gaming floor and the restaurant have undergone a transformation that has infused new life into the venue.

With revamped interiors that exude understated elegance, the casino features a muted palette and unique ceiling lighting that casts a warm glow across the space, contributing to a relaxed and clubby ambience.

As evening descends, the lighting transforms into a multi-coloured atmosphere, adding an exciting touch to the venue.

This ambience extends into the restaurant at the back of the venue, where the mood transitions to a richer, more exclusive vibe.

The space is lined with lush velvet, gold accents, and trendy animal-print wallpaper, with an in-house team of expert chefs working tirelessly behind the scenes to craft an exquisite dining experience.

The expansive bar offers yet another treasure to be discovered. Here, skilled bartenders craft beverages that pair perfectly with the exceptional dishes.

As you peruse the cocktail menu, you will find both signature creations and classic favourites, all expertly crafted with precision and flair.

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The Park Tower: a beacon of opulence and luxury in Mayfair

In the heart of Mayfair, The Park Tower is a gleaming testament to luxury – a stone’s throw from iconic London landmarks like Harrods and the Lanesborough.

The casino’s very essence radiates exclusivity, with the plush 24-hour main floor exuding a clubby feel and the long-serving team members remembering customers for many years after their last visit.

Yet, for those seeking an even more intimate experience, perched above the space is the casino’s prized balcony restaurant.

The décor is nothing short of decadent, with chandeliers illuminating the low ceiling, lending a cosy, close-knit atmosphere.

Underneath, a generous helping of lemon and coriander couscous ripples like golden sand and provides a light contrast to the gently charred vegetables.

The English Cheese platter, though seemingly humble, serves as a map of the British countryside, ranging in texture from crumbly to velvety, with flavour profiles from sharp to mellow.

Paired with artisanal crackers and chutney, the palate is taken on a tour across pastures, through dairies, and into the heart of age-old British traditions.

Finish off dinner with mini doughnuts dipped into salted caramel or vanilla custard, offering a comforting end to the evening.

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The Victoria: a beacon of experience where gaming meets gourmet

Situated just round the corner from London’s Edgware Road, Grosvenor Casino The Victoria, affectionately known to regulars as ‘The Vic’, isn’t just a casino – it’s an iconic venue.

For more than five decades, this landmark has stood as a beacon of entertainment, tracing its rich history from its inception in the swinging 60s to its evolution into a modern gaming and dining haven.

Stepping through its storied doors, visitors discover that The Vic seamlessly blends mass-market appeal with touches of exclusivity.

Currently undergoing a facelift, early glimpses of The Vic’s transformation suggest that it is set to become an even grander jewel in Grosvenor’s crown as the group further enhances the premium experience for guests.

The indoor lounge, already refurbished, exudes an elegance that feels both timeless and current. Muted tones, plush seating, and ambient lighting create a relaxed atmosphere, while the attentive and amiable team members add warmth to the inviting setting.

Outdoors at The Loft – The Vic’s luxurious outdoor area – guests can inhale high-quality shisha while enjoying live sports on state-of-the-art screens alongside London’s city lights.

Beyond the roulette wheels and poker tables, The Vic offers a culinary experience that could easily be the star attraction of the night.

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